Zoe and Aunt Meg

Dear Self,

I knew about Down Syndrome, even had some friends who had it. It never quite struck me like the day when my very best friend in the entire world called to tell me that she had her miracle; her baby girl that we long awaited after many trials, disappointments and tribulations. It was May 25th and I had just left my son’s preschool graduation. I was so excited to learn about the news, I barely recognized the tremble in my dear friend’s voice….”they think she might have downs” she said with a tearful voice,  “I don’t know what I’m going to do”.

I couldn’t help but shake with her. Though we were miles and states apart, it was like we were in the same room, sharing the same thought. It was scary, it was sad, it was a rush of emotions. Quickly, ration set in and we talked through tests, next steps, and how to handle the situation. I left the next next morning and went to Pittsburgh to meet this beautiful baby that my best friend and her husband brought into the world. She was precious –perfect in every way.

Zoe is now going to be 3 years old. In the last three years, my godchild has grown to be funny, tough, and stubborn. She is smart beyond belief and has the most caring, patient, loving parents any child could ask for. I know that not every day is easy for them. I know that they worry, cry, and push on for what is right and deserved for their child. But I also know that God put Zoe here on earth for them. To teach them, and me what unconditional love is all about. She is an inspiration. Her family is an inspiration and I am honored each and every day to say that I was able to stand by my best friend’s side the day she married and will be able to stand by her daughter’s side for the rest of her life.

I love Zoe as if she were my own and I would do anything for her. I love the fact that my young children have never once asks about Zoe or if she’s different. They don’t know her any other way and don’t even notice a difference. It’s their pretty girl…it’s their “cousin” and they are also blessed to experience and witness her strength, courage and love.

I am a better person today than I was three years ago. I know that and would have never known what i was missing if Zoe didn’t enter our lives.