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Dear Self,

Your precious angel face has made it to her third birthday, which happens to be World Down Syndrome Day. One of 4 babies born across the country 3/21/12 with Down Syndrome!  You thought why are these people so happy about this statistic?  How can I celebrate when my poor baby has a broken heart and god knows what else will be in store for her.  Will she live, walk, or talk?  Will she ever get married or get to have her own family….her kids could have Down Syndrome.  Her precious little body has to be so strong when it shouldn’t have to because that is what mommy was supposed to be for.

Now you know why they came into to greet you with such enthusiasm and happiness for our precious gift…a baby girl that is absolutely perfect for us!  She has taught you to be stronger than you can even imagine and the “true meaning” of admiration!  Recently, you looked at the hospital picture before your scheduled C-section and you had tears stream down your face because you had no clue….no clue what you and your precious little girl were going to endure.  Oh how you watched her yo-yo in and out of the Children’s Hospital …..pack the bag in a hurry before that ambulance or Life Flight arrives!  You thank god she is finally home way more than she is admitted.

You think now she can walk and is taking 20-30 steps independently…go MY HERO!  You are proud of her ever growing vocabulary and signs.  Rachel, you see your daughter that you will raise to meet her full potential and push her to accomplish her dreams!  You say my little angel with Down Syndrome might just come to me and say she wants to get married and have a baby…yea she might have a baby with Down Syndrome and so did I;>)!

Happy Birthday Angel Face!!!

Mommy Loves you! XOXOXO