Note to Self

Don’t Panic! It’s all good and the future will be marvelous. Trying at times, but isn’t life trying in general?

You don’t want to go to a support group. It’s ok, you aren’t ready yet. Go when you’re ready, but don’t wait too long. It really is not a scary as you thought. You will learn so much from the other parents. You may not like large groups yet, but how about another parent or two that have a baby with Down syndrome around the same age as Nick. I think that would work well.

It’s a baby! Enjoy!!

It’s OK to take a day off from the many therapies and therapist that you welcome into your home. In fact…relax and take two days. Just playing with Nick will be a great learning experience for him (and you)! Don’t think that every move you make has to be with a “special” toy designed for a child with a disability. Or that it has to be a ‘teaching’ moment. It’s a baby! Enjoy!

Don’t look too far into the future. Let’s look at what we need to do right now and if you want, take a look at the next year or two. As Nick gets older and you get into a routine, looking ahead will definitely come naturally.

Everyone’s looking at my baby! Don’t people look at babies anyway? Smile at them and they will smile back. It’s not pity!

Go with your instinct! If you think something is not right, talk it out with the proper professional or call the Down syndrome center. A parent’s instinct is something that is invaluable.