Dear Self,

“Mommy, today is going to be awesome!”

“Why do you say that honey?”

(The expression on your daughter’s face indicates she thought that was a silly question.)

“Because it’s Thursday!”

Do you now your life would be filled with such positivity? Do you know your young child would teach you to greet each new day with a smile, model for you gentleness, and exemplify perseverance?

Maybe not yet…right now you are worried. You are worried that your daughter will be “bad.” You are worried that she won’t have friends. You are worried that she won’t learn. You are worried that you won’t be a good mother. After 12 years, I can tell you that these worries will very quickly turn into blessings. Let’s look at each of these fears that you are holding on to.

Are kids “bad?” No one is “good” all the time, and your daughter is just like everyone else in that regard. But she tries to obey and please others. She is kind, thoughtful, and respectful. Most importantly, she seems incapable of cruelty.

Friends? She has a very sweet bunch of friends who genuinely love her. She always seems to be planning the next sleepover and talking about the latest playground adventures. Her joyfulness makes others enjoy being around her.

Learning? Wow! This might be the area in which you will be the most surprised. She LOVES to learn! She is so much like her Daddy that way! Her favorite books to check out from the library are nonfiction. Presenting projects in front of her classmates is something she truly enjoys. (Don’t you wish you had that bravery when you were 12?) Others are always amazed by what she does. Hold fast to high expectations.

And you? You will be a fine mother. You will become a better mother…and a better person because of her. You are blessed.

God has a good plan for your daughter. Over the past 12 years, we’ve tried to make predications about what those plans may be. God is always revealing new facets of her giftedness. It is a joy to watch the ways He is growing her.

My advice to you now is to enjoy your daughter and learn from her.