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Dear Self,

April 20th, 2014. That Morning and days in the hospital were such a blur to you. All you heard from your doctor’s mouth the day your baby was born was “Your daughter has signs that are consistent with Down syndrome.” I wish I were there to comfort you and tell you, it would be ok.  You cried yourself to sleep for nights, with your husband by your side as your rock. I still wish I could have reassured you that everything would be ok. You questioned, why us? I wish I was there to tell you, why not us! You were so worried about her future, you actually fixated yourself on her future for the next several weeks. I wish I could have told you not to worry and to take life day by day. You were so oblivious to the word Down syndrome. I wish I was there to educate you. I wish I was there to tell you about the wonderful community of Fathers/Mothers and their children with Down syndrome. You didn’t realize how common it really was. I wish I was able to tell that these families would help you, comfort you and answer any questions you needed. You were also so worried about acceptance from your family and friends. Your family and friends are so awesome, and accepted her Down syndrome from day one. They also just love her so much!  I wish I could have been there to tell you that Down syndrome is something that children accept more now than they did in the past, because they see a child, and not the diagnosis. There were many delays you didn’t know about, but I wish I could have told you about all the free therapies and help there is out there. You are strong and will be the best advocate for you daughter. Please remember to take life day by day, and that things will be ok.


Current self (Kelly)