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Dear Kathy and Jody,

How are you doing?  It is hard to believe that 6 years ago you were blessed with the birth of your beautiful daughter. It seemed like yesterday when you were worried about her health and how you would be able to secure all those resources for her development. Little did you know that she would teach you more about life, hers and yours too!  In fact, what she taught you was to prepare you even more for the birth of her little sister who also has Down Syndrome. Together, these two wonderful children along with your two wonderful older children have shown you just how important everyday is. They taught you how to celebrate with more passion, including life’s milestones.

And you thought that having two little girls with Down Syndrome might take time away from your two older children. Well you were wrong. They love being a part of everything, including cheering loudly for their older sister and brother at basketball games, football games, softball games, and baseball games. What they bring to your lives can never be replaced. How surprised were you when you realized how hard they work to learn and thrive?  You shouldn’t be, that is who they are. Hard workers. And finally, look at what they have provided your two older children. What you’ll notice is your older children being kind, compassionate, caring, strong, protective, and interested in helping others to make a difference. Just imagine what they will do with their lives to make the world a better place. It sounds like you two have a pretty good life. Take care and cherish every day.


Kathy and Jody